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Pension Trustees Services

The area of Pension Legislation and regulation is an ever changing landscape. This complex environment is placing extra pressure on existing scheme trustees to continuously increase their level of knowledge and expertise. Indeed, trustee training is now mandatory for all pension trustees. The time pressures of the day job and the costs associated with trustee liability insurance mean that many companies and trustees are finding that it is more advantageous to appoint an professional trustee as trustee of their scheme.Our associate company, Harvest Trustees Ltd, provides trustee services to a large number and variety of Trusts.

  • Harvest Trustees Ltd. offers a professional trustee service with the board bringing over 50 years pensions experience to the trustee table.
  • The trustees are members of leading industry bodies including the Association of Pension Trustees of Ireland (APTI) and the Irish Association of Pension Funds (IAPF).

Independent Trustee Firm of the Year

 Harvest Trustees  ‘Independent Trustee Firm of the Year’ at the 2020 Irish Pensions Awards.


About Harvest Trustee

With effect from 1 February 2010 all pension trustees appointed must undergo trustee training every 2 years. Where a professional trustee is appointed the employer is not required to arrange trustee training. An employer can appoint Harvest as a trustee and we will take over the responsibility and duties of trusteeship on your behalf. This will remove your requirement for trustee training and will ensure your scheme is compliant with the new regulations.

Additionally Harvest Trustee services include:

  • Scheme Registration
  • To ensure compliance of the scheme in accordance with the Pension Act 1990
  • To provide and adhere to a Default Investment Strategy and a Statement of Investment Policy Principles, where applicable
  • To monitor the conduct and performance of the Investment Manager, Registered Administrator and Scheme Consultants
  • To liaise with relevant third parties and the Pensions Board with the day to day running of the scheme as required, as well as in the preparation of the Membership Booklets, Annual Reports, Accounts and Benefit Statements
  • Consultancy work

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Please note that the provision of this product or service does not require licensing, authorisation or registration with the Central Bank and, as a result, it is not covered by the Central Bank’s requirements designed to protect consumers or by a statutory compensation scheme.

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