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Investing in a Falling Interest Rate Environment

The setback in financial markets in recent years, caused by rampant inflation and sharply rising interest rates, has given rise to attractive investment opportunities in a number of asset classes.

There is an expectation that the interest rate cycle will start to reverse this year in both Europe and the US, and some asset classes should respond positively to this.

On the other hand, as asset prices recover, the income yield from these assets will fall.

In this context, clients might consider investing now in the following assets, in anticipation of a possible fall in rates later in the year or in 2025.

Money Market Funds


These funds mainly invest in short-term money market instruments.

These instruments are issued by highly rated issuers and are either denominated in Euro or systematically hedged to this currency.

Income Opportunities

Wealth Management

Explicitly or implicitly, investment markets value all assets on their future ability to deliver income, over both the short term and the long term.

Income paying assets can be more stable than the average in volatile markets.

Both equity and bond markets currently offer attractive income paying opportunities.

Alternative Investments


Alternative assets such as property, infrastructure and renewable energy all represent potential income sources currently.

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