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Money Market Funds

For banks, insurance companies and large investment institutions, money market funds are the most popular choice when it comes to placing liquid cash. These funds invest in high grade very short dated bonds (maturing in weeks or months) and offer underlying returns of close to 4% per annum currently. They are also extremely liquid and can be sold and converted to cash very quickly (daily tradeable).Two such opportunities are as follows:

Amundi Funds Cash

This Fund invests at least 67% of assets in money market instruments. The objective of the fund is to offer investors returns in line with money markets rates.

Fund Size                          €2.9 billion

Annual Yield                     3.7%

Data correct as at 6th February 2024.
Source: Amundi Asset Management

Pictet Short Term Money Market

The fund invests in short-term money market instruments that are issued by highly rated issuers and are either denominated in Euro, or systematically hedged to this currency (meaning investors have little or no exposure to currency risk).

Fund Size                          €8.4 billion

Annual Yield                     3.75%

Data correct as at 6th February 2024.
Source: Pictet Asset Management

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