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Income Opportunities

Equity funds focused on strong dividend paying companies and many global bond funds currently offer very attractive payouts to investors. Examples include the following funds:

JP Morgan Global Growth and Income

The aim of the fund is to provide superior total returns and outperform the MSCI All Country World Index over the long-term by investing on a global basis. The Company pays quarterly dividends, these are set at the beginning of each financial year. The current dividend yield at c.4% compares very favourably with its peers. The fund’s strong performance has been aided by its dividend policy, which is to pay out an annual dividend of 4% of the financial year-end. The ability to finance the dividend through revenue and capital affords the managers the flexibility to invest across growthier companies. The trust has a value investing focus and would be expected to do relatively well in a higher inflation environment.

Asset Class                        Global Equities

Fund Size                          €2.2 billion

Annual Yield                     4.1%

Data correct as at 6th February 2024.
Source: JP Morgan Asset Management

Aegon Strategic Bond Fund

The Aegon Strategic Global Bond Fund is an unconstrained, flexible portfolio that consists of a dynamic blend of the fixed income universe constructed to maximise risk adjusted total returns through the cycle. The investment objective is to maximise total return (income plus capital) by investing at least two thirds of its gross assets in global debt instruments in any currency, ranging from AAA government bonds through to high yield and emerging market bonds. The fund us driven by the three key strategies: being long duration, favouring steeper curves and a preference for corporate bonds over government bonds. The fund incorporates ESG, is classified as Article 8 and currently pays out a dividend yield of c.5%.

Asset Class                        Global Bonds

Fund Size                          €140  million

Annual Yield                     5.1%

Data correct as at 6th February 2024.
Source: Aegon Asset Management

BNY Mellon Global Equity Income

The funds objective is to generate annual distributions and to achieve long-term capital growth by investing predominantly in equity and equity-related global securities.

The fund seeks to generate capital growth, as well as a sustainable and attractive income, over the long-term through a consistent, differentiated and diversified portfolio.

The fund follows a premium income approach to global equity investment, applying strict yield-based investment criteria. The fund emphasises shares in cash-generative companies with attractive and sustainable dividend yields, through a constantly evolving and forward-looking approach that anticipates change and identifies opportunities.

The current distribution yield is 3.27%

Asset Class                        Global Equities

Fund Size                          €400 million

Annual Yield                     3.3%

Data correct as at 6th February 2024.
Source: BNY Mellon Investment Management

Artemis Short Dated High Yield Fund

This fund invests in high-yield bonds that are close to maturity. The fund aims to beat its benchmark, the Secured Overnight Financing Rate, after costs and charges, over rolling three-year periods, through income and capital growth. The funds target duration is 0-2 years. The distribution yield on this fund is currently a little over 6%, with the fund paying out quarterly distributions.

A majority of the larger companies on the portfolio are BB rated. These are companies that typically have plenty of resources on hand to repay maturities with cash and a low likelihood of them going bust, resulting in lower volatility.

The fund actively incorporates ESG to identify opportunities and threats which other similar funds may miss and as a result this fund is classified as an Article 8 Fund.

Asset Class                        Global High Yield Bonds

Fund Size                          €78  million

Annual Yield                     6.2%

Data correct as at 6th February 2024.
Source: Artemis Investment Management

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