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Alternative Investments

Aside from income opportunities in mainstream equity and bond markets, a number of other asset classes can be the source of strong reliable annual income to investors. Two such opportunities are as follows:

Schroders Euro Real Estate

This Real Estate Investment Trust invests in European growth cities and regions, specifically institutional quality, income-producing commercial real estate in major continental European cities and regions.  The objective is to provide shareholders with a regular and attractive level of income return together with the potential for long-term income and capital growth through investing in commercial real estate in Continental Europe.

Asset Class       European Commercial Property

Fund Size          €199  million

Annual Yield      8.4%

Data correct as at 6th February 2024.
Source: Schroder Investment Management

GCP Infrastructure

This FTSE 250 closed-ended investment company, which is listed on the Main Market of the LSE, invests in UK infrastructure projects with long-term public sector backed revenues. The company’s objective is to provide regular, sustained, long-term distributions to shareholders.

Asset Class         Infrastructure Investment Company 

Fund Size           €686  million

Annual Yield        9.7%

Data correct as at 6th February 2024.
Source: Gravis Capital Management

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