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Retirement Planning

We all have ambitious plans to provide ourselves with a secure income in retirement. However in order to make this a reality we need to put in place a financial plan. A pension remains the most tax efficient method of achieving this. At Harvest we have over 26 years experience working with clients to secure their retirement income. Harvest is uniquely positioned to provide you with the broadest possible amount of investment options.

Harvest is uniquely positioned to provide you with the broadest range of tax efficient pension options. These include self administered arrangements or traditional unit linked funds. Whether you want the investment flexibility and cost transparency of a self administered scheme or wish to pursue a more traditional structure with an insurance company, we will help determine which is the most appropriate.


  • Significant pension contributions can be made
  • Tax free lump sum at retirement
  • Potentially access your fund from age 50


  • Structure pension plans efficiently
  • Contributions depend on age/earnings
  • Retirement age 60-75


  • Invest/Transfer existing pension assets
  • Any growth within a retirement fund is exempt from tax
  • Potentially access your fund from age 50

Self Administered Schemes

For more information about our Self Administered Pension Schemes. 

Self Administered Personal Retirement Bond

For more information about our Self Administered Personal Retirement Bond.

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