ARF Pension

Approved Retirement Funds and Risk

Irish clients who are taking their retirement benefits and moving from ‘pre’ to ‘post’ retirement will often end up investing a large portion of their pension in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF).
defined benefit scheme

Defined Benefit Pension

Historically in Ireland Defined Benefit (DB) Pension Schemes were the means by which employers provided pension benefits for their employees. For a variety of reasons this has changed, and DB schemes are now increasingly seen...
alternative to low interest

Alternatives to Cash in Low Interest Rate Environments

An important element of Harvest’s Investment Advisory process is to ensure that our clients have a sufficient emergency fund in place as a safety net for any future unforeseen financial events. Emergency funds should...
What is Happening with Property Funds?

What is Happening with Property Funds?

It was reported in recent days that at least three large institutional property funds had marked down the unit prices of their property funds by between 5-8% as a result of investors seeking to exit...
UK Pension

Transfer UK Pension to Ireland?

Why Transfer UK Pension to Ireland Currency risk removed. Who knows what might happen to the UK economy after Brexit. Easier to keep track of tax & legislative changes if pension assets are in...