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Guardcap Global Equity

September 2, 2022
Harvest News
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For our monthly Fund in Focus we are focusing on the Guardcap Global Equity Fund. This a high conviction equity fund whose main objective is to seek long-term capital growth with a volatility level lower than the market. It has delivered impressively on this objective over the past several years. The philosophy of the fund is that long term sustained growth drives returns. It invests in a small universe of high-quality growth stocks and targets companies with strong positions in growing niche markets. Generally, the fund avoids the big names.

Despite the fact that the fund style would be seen as ‘growth’, a style which has suffered particularly badly this year, its relative performance in 2022 has been impressive. But a major selling point for this fund in our view is that its strategy of holding strong niche players in high growth markets will stand to it when equity markets eventually do turn.

A few points to note:

  • This fund is classified as an Article 8 Fund, with all investee companies required to meet the teams “ten Confidence Criteria”. This ensures that each company’s ESG practices align with its potential for long term sustainable growth.
  • The fund practises active ownership, operating a voting system on every resolution and corporate action proposed by their companies, allowing them to engage with companies on practices which may concern them and encourage positive change.
  • The fund does not invest in companies which are involved in the manufacture of, controversial weapons, firearms, tobacco products or extraction of fossil fuels.

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