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Your Financial Planning Deadlines and Covid 19

March 18, 2020
Harvest News
Your Financial Planning

All of us are trying to adjust to the new reality of life in Ireland during the Coronavirus pandemic. Like everyone Harvest’s priority must be to protect the interests of all stakeholders, be they clients, staff or the wider business community.

Our attention is focused on the impact of the Coronavirus on the country’s most vulnerable; and ensuring that we do our part in limiting the severity of the outbreak. Our services to our clients are being provided without face to face meetings and this is working well to date, utilising the technologies available to provide advice remotely.

Despite the obvious immediate concerns; you may have deadlines approaching that impact on your own financial circumstances, and you may be seeking advice.

Some such deadlines might involve:

  • Decisions regarding your Retirement Options from an occupational or personal pension plan.
  • Your Company’s year-end and the potential to claim corporation tax relief on pension contributions.
  • Company-to-Personal Wealth Extraction on imminent wind-up

How Can Harvest Help?

We are available to provide you with expert advice remotely, avoiding the risks inherent with face to face meetings.

Advice can be given over the phone or email – conference call and skype facilities are also available if required.

Retirement planning reports can be emailed to you to review at your convenience. Investment advice is also possible once we have an appropriate understanding of your circumstances and objectives.

How to get things moving?

Contact Harvest to explain your requirements and one of our Client Advisors will be able to assist you.

Call us on 01- 2375500, or email

The Importance of Financial Advice at Various Life Stages

This marketing information has been provided for discussion purposes only. It is not advice and does not take into account the investment needs and objectives, financial position, risk attitude, liquidity needs, capital security needs and/or capacity for loss of any particular person. It should not be relied upon to make investment decisions.