Our Current Thoughts on Markets

Our Current Thoughts on Markets

As we stand now in the third week of March, most experts would agree that we are still some way off the midpoint in the Covid 19 cycle....
Your Financial Planning

Your Financial Planning Deadlines and Covid 19

All of us are trying to adjust to the new reality of life in Ireland during the Coronavirus pandemic. Like everyone Harvest’s priority must be to protect the interests of all stakeholders, be they clients,...
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I’m sure that, like us all, you are adjusting to the new reality following yesterday’s Government announcements concerning the Coronavirus. The one thing we can be sure of is that this is...
ARF and Tax

How is your pension taxed in retirement?

A key attraction of pension funding is the tax relief for pensions – both on contributions and within the fund - while you are saving for retirement. However, there are some taxes...
Volatility in Markets - Investment Advice

Market and Pensions

Harvest’s investment director Terry Devitt featured in an RTE interview yesterday. How should Irish pension investors react to current market volatility? https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2020/0309/1121214-pension-market-investment/