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Employees’ Pension and Life Assurance Benefits

January 11, 2018
Harvest News
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Five reasons for employers to review employees’ pension and life assurance benefits. 

1. Are you and your employees getting value for money?

By reviewing pension providers, you may find a better pension provider and a more cost effective pension structure for your company and your employees.  We can check the market and recommend a provider which will ensure you are getting value for money.

2. What are your legal obligations as an employer?

Do you understand your legal obligations in relation to pension provision for employees?  Do you know who the trustees of the pension scheme are?  Do they understand their role as trustee and the potential risks to you and your company?  We can answer all your questions and advise the trustees of their duties.

3. Is there a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) provider in place? 

Employers must provide access to a PRSA after 6 months of employment if there is no other pension arrangement in place.  Employers don’t have to contribute, but employer contributions to PRSAs get tax relief.  PRSAs do not require a trustee, so they are an easy option for providing pension benefits.  We can check the market and recommend a provider to you for your employees and we can provide advise to your employees on fund choice, levels of contributions, etc.

4. Is your employee benefits offering competitive?

Pension and life assurance benefits can be a cost effective and tax efficient means of remunerating employees and making your company more attractive to potential employees.  Do your employees understand the value of the benefits you are providing to them?  We can meet with your employees and explain this to them on your behalf.

5. Have you considered group life assurance?

Life assurance taken out on a group of employees can be more cost effective than individual policies.  Insurers often offer a level of cover which does not require medical underwriting.  We can check the market and recommend a provider which will ensure you are getting value for money.

Contact us today on 01 2375500 or email to schedule a review of your employees’ pension and life assurance benefits.


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Why Should an Employer Review Employees Pension Benefits