A Pension that puts you in Control

The Harvest Small Self Administered Pension Scheme gives you control and flexibility of your company pension plan.

Take Control of Your Pension - Self Administered Pension

The difference between this type of pension and any other pension is that instead of giving your money to an insurance company for them to invest, you keep control of the money and invest it yourself. We call our self administered pension ‘The Liberator’ because it frees you from the normal investment constraints of a traditional insurance company pension.

 What are the Benefits of a Self Administered Pension?

  • Control – You have Control where your pension fund is invested. You can invest in Property, Funds, Shares and Bank deposits etc.
  • Access  – You decide when you access your pension – normal retirement ages is 60 but early retirement is available from age 50.
  • Contributions – You control how much you contribute to your pension – you can contribute more in years where there are profits in the company or you have a received a bonus.
  • Costs –  You have control over the costs associated with your pension – The Liberator offers a competitive and transparent charging structure.

Who can have a Self Administered Pension? 

  • Company Director.
  • Senior Executive or Manager ( when your employer agrees to set it up on your behalf).

Why the Harvest Self Administered Pension?

  • We give you a clear picture of what retirement income you can expect from your pension.
  • We offer a competitive and transparent charging structure.
  • We put you in Control of your Pension.
  • We were awarded Pension Brokers of the Year 2015, 2016 & 2017 at the Irish Pensions Awards.

To find out how our self administered pensions can help you achieve financial freedom in retirement contact us at justask@harvestfinancial.ie or on 01 2375500.

Benefits of a Self Administered Pension Trust to your company/employer:

  • They can claim full corporation tax relief on company contributions made to your Self Administered Pension to reduce their corporation tax liability;
  • They can vary contributions each year to suit the financial circumstances of the company; and
  • Your  Self Administered Pension can be used as a tax efficient way to remunerate key employees or as part of an efficient business exit plan.


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Self Administered Pensions - Take Control of Your Pension