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Sarasin Food and Agriculture Opportunities Fund

April 6, 2022
Harvest News
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Fund in Focus

This month’s fund in focus is the Sarasin Food and Agriculture Opportunities Fund. The main objective of this fund is to provide growth over a rolling five-year period from investment in companies from around the world, which are exposed to the food and agriculture sector. The fund has a strong ESG focus and excludes companies involved in unsustainable food production practices.

Attractive investment features of this fund include:

  • Strengthened by continuously changing trends – Due to the ever-increasing world population, along with consumer incomes and dramatically changing diets the global food economy is consistently growing
  • An attractive risk-reward profile – the fund has delivered an annualised return of c.10% over the past five years at a lower volatility level than the equity market as a whole.
  • Differentiated from other global funds – providing access to a good geographic diversification of investments around the world (38% North America, 26% Europe and 36% elsewhere). It also has a significant diversification of investments among the sub sectors of Food and Agriculture, including Processors 38%, Retail 27% and Equipment 15%.
Sarasin Food and Agriculture Opportunities Fund

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