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Property Funds Investment

October 25, 2018
Harvest News
Property Funds Investment

Property Investment – Having the Best of All Worlds?

Capital Growth, Income and Liquidity

Looking around at the major asset classes it is important to consider comparative value at the moment. In the property space it is currently possible to buy quality assets yielding c.5% in many markets around the world, including Ireland. As an asset class property offers investors both a source of income within their portfolio and the potential for long term capital growth.

The Harvest Liquid Property Strategy

The Harvest Liquid Property Strategy is a new Investment offering that will be of particular interest to clients:

  • who want to maintain their exposure to property within a diversified portfolio
  • who don’t want the headache of maintaining a direct property portfolio
  • who want a regular income distribution from their property allocation (current weighted Yield – circa 4%)
  • who want the potential for additional long-term capital growth
  • who value the flexibility that comes with Daily Liquidity

Over the past twelve months, the Harvest investment team has surveyed some 300 property funds around the world and has screened them applying the following criteria:

  • Daily Liquidity.
  • Income Distribution of at least 3% per annum.
  • Fund gearing of 30% or less.
  • Track Record of three years minimum.
  • Funds backed by International property expertise.
  • Euro denominated/Underlying Assets in Euro.

Using these criteria, three funds were selected one Irish, one European and one Global.
By investing in these three funds on an equal weighted basis, the investor can achieve very wide diversification across global real estate while benefiting from a rising annual income in excess of 3%.

To find out more about the Harvest Liquid Property Strategy and to determine if it is suitable and appropriate for your portfolio please speak to your Client Advisor, call us on 01 237 5500 or email

This marketing information has been provided for discussion purposes only. It is not advice, it is provided for general information purposes only and does not fully take into account your financial position, investment needs and objectives, attitude to risk, liquidity needs, capital security needs, capacity for loss, etc. It should therefore not be relied upon to make investment decisions. Prior to any formal investments taking place you will be provided with a detailed suitability letter taking into account all the above and outlining why the investment(s) are (not) suitable for you.

Warnings: The figures refer to the past. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The value of investment(s) in the selected fund(s) may go down as well as up. If you invest in the selected fund(s) you may lose some or all of the money you invest. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. Income may fluctuate in accordance with market conditions & taxation arrangements.