New Years Quiz

As we stand here at the beginning of January 2019, it seems there are more big questions facing investment markets, and the world in general, than we have seen in a very long time indeed.Perhaps to add a little fun to the picture, this year we are having a prediction quiz and we are inviting all of our clients to enter. We will pose 12 binary questions (not all finance and politics) to cover the period between now and 15th December next, (for all events this will be taken as the deadline date), together with a tie-breaker question.The lucky winner will receive a very decent case of French wine. 

Quiz Questions

  1. Will the UK still be a full member of the EU?
  2. Will Trump still be US president? 
  3. Will Trump be allocated more than $2 billion for the wall?
  4. Will there be a general election in the UK?
  5. Will Teresa May still be Prime Minister?
  6. Will ECB interest rates be higher compared with 1st January 2019?
  7. Will the Dow Jones index be higher compared with 1st January 2019?
  8. Will the oil price be higher than $60?
  9. Will Dublin residential property prices be higher compared with 1st January 2019?
  10. Will Ireland win the Rugby World Cup?
  11. Will Tiger Woods win a major during the year?
  12. Will Liverpool win the Premiership?

Tie Breaker

Who will be the losing finalist in the Rugby World Cup?

How to enter?

Please email your answers to including your name, address and phone number before 31st January 2019.

Competition open to residents of Ireland.

All personal information provided in relation to this competition will be stored securely by us for a 13 month period. 

Market Update January 2019