Green Investment Opportunity

Harvest Financial Services Limited are delighted to present a new investment opportunity in the renewable energy sector. This will be of interest to investors seeking
income producing assets for their pre and post retirement pensions and is also available for personal and corporate investment.

The investment is in the BVP Green Bond 2018 and in summary provides: 

  • Fixed Annual Coupon of 6% received annually or cumulatively at the end of the term (6.8%).
  • Convertible Loan Note structure with a 5 year investment term.
  • Minimum investment amount €25,000.
  • Closing date 10th August 2018.

The BVP Investments Ltd Group is an investment company with whom we have partnered on a number of projects previously. The investment strategy will be to diversify investment across two distinct asset classes:

Green Investment Opportunity




We have long promoted the renewable energy sector as a potential source of government supported income, and as a partial replacement for deposit income that may have been earned in the past. Private equity investment in this sector offers investors diversification within their portfolio due to its low correlation with other asset classes such as property and public equities.

BVP Green Bond 2018 Ltd (the Issuer) will finance the Renewable Energy projects and Growing Businesses as senior lenders and will hold security over the assets of the businesses and projects. In the unlikely event of a major default, the Issuer will have the ability to enforce its security to sell the assets in a timely and orderly manner.
If you are interested in finding out more about this investment please contact your Private Client Advisor to receive further information or email

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Green Investment Opportunity