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What you can do for your Financial Advisor

October 22, 2020
Harvest News
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What you can do for your Financial Advisor…

At Harvest we offer clients a full Financial Planning service. As well as pension-specific advice, we provide a holistic wealth planning service: from helping you when selecting investments, to managing your portfolio through different life stages, to retirement and estate planning.

Like any Advisory Firm we charge for the services we provide – in an up-front, transparent manner.

As we demonstrate below, your Advisor can play many roles, each of which has significant value and can ultimately help you and your family reach your long-term financial goals.

The value of an Advisor relationship might be determined by your Advisor’s expertise in the following areas:

Financial Planning
Portfolio Construction
Investment Review and Rebalancing
Tax Efficient Wealth Accumulation Strategies
Financial Education

However, a successful and productive relationship with your financial Advisor also requires engagement – on both sides.

Keeping in mind what a skilled financial Advisor can deliver to clients, below we have outlined some considerations as to how you can be an engaged client!

• Be open with your Advisor about your current situation, goals, circumstances, preferences, values, assets and other relevant wealth management information.

• Engage in proactive, two-way communication with your Advisor as your family’s situation changes.

• Agree to and participate in regular meetings with your Advisor.

• Provide detail of your annual personal or company income to help them maximise the tax benefits of your pension investments.

• Provide feedback to your Advisor about client events they host.

• Introduce your Advisor to people in your professional and personal networks whom you believe they could help.

We are here to demonstrate our value – to provide straightforward advice and structured Financial Planning.

If you feel you could benefit from our advice talk to Harvest on 01-2375500, or email and we will be delighted to assist.

Financial Planning Journey

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