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Investment Opportunity with Tax Relief –  

The 11th BVP Green EII Fund provides investors access to a portfolio of growing companies within the renewable energy space while availing of up to 40% income tax relief for eligible investors.

The Investment

Investors will benefit from the tax relief provisions of the Employment and Investment Incentive scheme (“EIIS”) and the expected growth in the value of the shares from the date of investment to the date of realisation. The fund will hold a balanced portfolio of trading companies which are export led and which promote sustainability and resource efficiency. Some of the companies that BVP have invested in to date talk about their experience here testimonial videos here. 

The Fund

Application has been made for the 11th Green EII Fund (“the Fund”) to be approved by the Revenue Commissions under the EIIS. EIIS is a tax relief incentive scheme, which enables investors to deduct the cost of their qualifying investment from their total income for income tax purposes.
The Tax Relief
EIIS is one of the few remaining sources of total income relief and an individual with an income tax liability in the year the EIIS investment is made can obtain tax relief from the following:

  • PAYE Earnings (Pay As You Earn)
  • ARF Distribution Income (Approved Retirement Fund)
  • Rental Income from property held personally.

Harvest Financial Services and EIIS Investments

As we are not EIIS product producers, Harvest is uniquely placed to research the market and to recommend the most appropriate investment opportunities for our clients. We believe that when it comes to EIIS investments you should avoid capped return offerings and choose a fund for diversification as your preferred route to market, all other things being equal. Click here for some thoughts on EIIS and why we selected the 11th BVP Green EII Fund to recommend to our clients.

Who should avail of tax relief form making EIIS investment?

  • Individuals who have ceased contributing to pension as they are over the €2M cap.
  • Individuals with ARF Distribution Income
  • Individuals who have Rental Income from property held personally.

You should take such independent tax advice as you deem appropriate before making this investment.

You can read more about EIIS here and see how the tax relief works for investors here.

For more information about the 11th BVP Green EII Fund click here.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss how EIIS investment fits in to your overall financial planning, please contact us on  01 2375500 or email justask@harvestfinancial.ie.


EIIS Opportunity