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What is a Personal Retirement Bond

Pension Broker / Financial Advisor of the Year

Property Funds Investment

Preparing for Brexit Note for Clients

Budget 2019

Pension Broker/Financial Advisor of the Year

Do I need Income Protection Insurance?

Which is better Investment Property or Shares ?

Private Advisor Team

Market Update  July 2018

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS)

Funds in Focus – Where to invest?

Investment Update April 2018

Investment Broker

Women and Pensions: What you should know

Current Volatility in Markets


24.3% Fixed Return Bond

Retirement Relief

Financial Market Update January 2018

Financial Planning – Creating a Financial Resolution

MiFID II Update

Cash Alternative Strategy Update

Market Update October 2017

Planning for Succession on Company Boards

Harvest Cash Alternative Strategy September 2017

3 Top Reasons to make an AVC

Brexit – Possible Implications on Investments

Cash Alternative Strategy Performance August 2017

Harvest Income Note – Fixed return of 3% p.a.

How to Fund Your Child’s Education

Market Update July 2017

How to Turn Income into Wealth

Congratulations to all the winners of the Irish Accountancy Awards 2017

How to reward employees in an employee driven jobs market.

Proposed changes to Defined Benefit pension rules will offer both challenges and opportunities for scheme members

The Benefits of Financial Advice

Market Update April 2017

Market Update January 2017

Financial Advice – Helping Clients throughout their Lives


NextEnergy Solar Fund

May 5, 2022
This month’s fund in focus is the NextEnergy Solar Fund, the largest owner and operator of solar farms in the UK. Its investment objective is to provide ordinary shareholders with attractive risk-adjusted returns, pr…

Market Insights June

July 5, 2021
Market Insight Month in Review Inflation is simply the story that won’t go away. Despite the official line emanating from Central Banks that the evidence of upward price and wage pressures which has recently come …
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