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Aubrey Global Emerging Markets

August 8, 2022
Harvest News
aubrey global emerging markets

The fund’s overall objective is to generate an attractive return by investing solely in companies which are entirely focused on the growth in consumption in services in the Emerging Markets. The fund focuses on these rapidly growing sectors in countries with political and economic backdrops conducive to income growth and consumer confidence. The fund concentrates on growth companies with a market capitalisation of at least $500 million, or those who carry out the main part of their economic activity in an emerging market country.

A few points to note on Aubrey Global Emerging Markets

• Tying into their philosophy of ‘wealth progression’ the fund has a consumer focus and hence invests highly in both China and India
• The team of three co-fund manager’s each have greater than 30 years investment experience with
Andrew Dalrymple and Rob Brewis both having been based in Asia for a decade over that period
• ESG is embedded throughout the funds concentrated portfolio, with a hope of being Article 8 soon

Aubrey Global Emerging Markets

In our view, all longer term investment portfolios should hold an appropriate exposure to emerging markets and given the fact that EM equities are down by the order of 20% since the start of the year, now seems like an opportune to add that exposure. If you would like to discuss this fund or look at other investment opportunities, please contact Harvest on 01 2375500 or email

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